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Recording+Graphic Design+Printing

The next steps after recording are:

Burning Handwritten CD-R’s
Art: Graphic Design, physical art or a mix of both.
Pressing Vinyl
Pressing Silver Bottom CD’s

How will you make copies and or get into the people’s hands?

How professional do you want to your end product to look?

The main idea here we want to focus on is the better you want your end product. There are many ways to get your music to the people.

Handwritten Blank CD-R
The lowest budget way is to hand write your info on a blank CD-R.
This method requires burning one by one and hand writing on each.

Options below require graphic art & digital files to be created for printing.

Face Printed Blank CD-R
Next step up is printing on the face of a printable blank CD-R.
This method requires burning one by one and printing on the face of each.

There are some other artsy ways to get your text on the face of either CD option listed above as well. We let you the artist

Options below start at $700.00

Pressing Silver Bottom CD’s Bulk Run.
Minimum run is 500. Screen printed colors on the face of CD’s. Additional colors are additional costs.


Silver Bottom CD’s with a 4 panel CD Cover.
Then there are many other different panel configurations. Pretty much the more panels you have the higher the price, same goes if you print your booklets and tray cards in  color compared to black and white only.

There are also different casing methods, standard jewel cases, cardboard, slip sleeve… Same scenario as the panel configuration.

7” Black Vinyl
Minimum order is 500

The minimum run is a quantity of 500 black vinyl 7” records with black ink on a white label. They come with dust covers. You can also special order test pressings, we encourage this to make sure your end product is what you want.

There are many colors to press your vinyl in, solid colors, mixed colors, spatter, all of which of course cost a little extra per record.


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