Motu 24/IO


The MOTU 24 I/O audio interface fulfills the promise of host-based hard disk recording: to record, edit, mix process, and master multitrack recording projects entirely inside the computer. It provides 24 high quality, 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs and outputs in a cost effective, single rack space package, allowing you to connect and record from 24 simultaneous analog sources. The 24 I/O interface can be purchased as an expander for an existing PCI-424-based MOTU Audio System.

The front panel of the MOTU interface is a dedicated meter bridge for your hard drive recording system. Levels are represented in a 5 segment LED bar graph for accurate and precise recordings.

The rear panel of the MOTU 24I/O audio interface has 24 analog inputs and outputs which are professional grade TRS(balanced and unbalanced) connectors. The input level can be switched via software in banks of eight to either —10dB or +4 dB, while the outputs operate at +4dB. In addition, CumixDSP provides continuously variable input trim with up to 12 dB boost per channel.

MOTU 24 I/O Expander Interface Features:

  • Connect up to four 24 I/O units to a PCI-424 audio card for a total of 96 inputs and outputs
  • Compatible with all MOTU Audio Wire interfaces
  • Mix and match MOTU audio interfaces (up to four at once) to meet your exact I/O needs.
  • ASIO drivers for Mac OS and Windows
  • Multichannel WDM driver
  • 100-percent compatible with VST, MAS, Premiere, DirectX, and all other host-based native plug-in formats supported by today's popular audio programs
  • Does not require proprietary plug-ins
  • Word clock - resolves to time code or any other external time base via MOTU's Digital Timepiece synchronizer or any other standard digital audio synchronization device
  • Resolves directly to SMPTE time code (LTC) with fast lock-up and sub-frame accuracy























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