Line 6 Bass Pod Pro


Bass POD Pro is a rackmount version of Bass POD, featuring Line 6 amp and speaker cabinet modeling, bass effects modeling (including programmable compressor), a crossover, noise gate and more. In addition, Bass POD Pro's Dual Output design allows you to have amp/cab/effects tones on one output, and a high quality D.I. (with or without effects).
With 1/4 inch and XLR analog outputs, AES/EBU and SPDIF digital outputs, mono pre and post effect loops, and line level input (great for re-amping or processing non-bass sources), Bass POD Pro is designed for professional recording and performance .

Bass POD Pro Specifications

Bass Amp Models: 16, customizable

Digital Effects: 16

Cabinet Models: 16

DI Output: 24-bit Digital Outputs (ASE/EBU and S/PDIF) with sync to external word clock

Output: Dual Mode XLR Direct Outs 1/4 inch - 10/+4 TRS outputs

User Programmable Channels: 36

Headphone out & Midi: yes

Dual Channel (Amp and DI) Balanced or Unbalanced +4/-10 TRS outputs
Unique dual outputs allow a mix of modeled bass amp sounds and direct sound &emdash; with effects always available at themodeled output and optional on the direct output.

Model Output
Select amp and cab models and effects with A.I.R. The Line 6 innovation, A.I.R. (Acoustically Integrated Recordingoutputs) simulates the interaction of amplifiers, cabinets, speakers, microphones and the recording room during the recording process.

D.I. Output
Direct out available simultaneous with the modeled output. Effects are optional via the Apply FX to D.I. switch

Dual Mode Outputs
Live Mode: Simultaneous feeds for on-stage amp and PA mixer. 1/4 inch model output carries both DI and modeled signalwithout A.I.R. to the stage amp. XLR carries the mic level DI and modeled signals with speaker simulation to the PA.
Studio Mode: Both XLR and 1/4 inch outputs carry the DI and modeled signal with A.I.R. to the recording console. 1/4 inchis -10dBV; XLR is +4dBu.

Bass POD Pro has a studio quality compressor modeled from the studio standard LA-2A

Cabinet Tuning Modes
Four cabinet tuning modes let you optimize the output of Bass POD Pro to your choice of speaker/cab configurations.

A Standard Tuning - This setting is ideal for full-range systems (and is the default setting).
B Bass Boost - Setting for small diameter speakers
C Mid Boost - Setting for enhancing mid presence.
D Treble Boost - Setting for driving bass-heavy cabs

Any or all of the sounds in Bass POD Pro can be transferred to (and from) any other Bass POD or Bass POD Pro with a simple MIDI connection. In addition, an expanding ToneTransfer library of sounds is available at Line6. Users can search the library by musical style, artist, etc, access tones with SoundDiver software, and add their own tones to the library.


































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