Graphic Design


About Us

RGP Studios is a Portland based graphic design/ recording studio/ print shop all wrapped up into one company that creates awesome graphics, layouts and designs, records, mixes, masters and can print or press your project at a great rate.

Years ago our staff had a dream which came to be after years of playing, writing, recording music. To open a recording studio that not only records music, but can also do graphic design and printing.
We can take your ideas, sketches, photos, mock ups, words, poems, songs, to the next level. We will design based off your ideas while putting in a few of our own of design the whole thing for you having you change as the project comes to life.
What ever your needs might be, we can make you and your company look great in a timely manner.

The better your design looks, your recording sounds or your printed materials look, the better you look and we want you to look good! Making you look good brings us happiness and at the same time makes us feel good. Win/ Win

We have always provided excellent service in the field and are ready to provide that same excellent service to you for your projects.

We aim to do a good job, at a good price with fun friendly service.

Recording Experience:

Some college audio courses plus an internship at Digit Sound Studios San Pablo, CA. and have been recording and producing since 2006, playing music for 24 years, recording privately for 6 years until now!

Graphic Design:

Some college graphics design courses plus working in the printing/ graphic design industry for over 10 years.

Printing Experience:

Kinko's, Office Max, Lazerquick + large commercial printers, over 10 years of experience.